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Makayla Meyer

Family Program Intern

Meet our new family program intern Makayla Meyer, who has been a member at Hope for 8 years. Makayla feels that God has been calling her to serve him as a DCE. She plans to attend Concordia University Irvine, where she will be taking a non-traditional route. She will be taking advantage of Concordia's online program right here in Wake Forest. This will allow her the ability to work at Hope, where she can learn about ministry in a hands-on way, while simultaneously getting her degree that will allow her to become a DCE. Once Makayla completes her BA degree, she will then be assigned by Concordia University to complete a one-year DCE Internship (most likely in another LCMS congregation). After completing her DCE Internship, Makayla will be eligible to receive a Call from a LCMS congregation and will begin her service as a DCE in that congregation. Here at Hope, we are glad to have Makayla serving as part of our team during these early years of her training and education. She will be serving with our Xplore Track-Out program, as well as in Kid's Ministry. As she continues with her Family Program Internship at Hope, she will participate in other ministry areas, as well, to become a well-rounded future DCE.

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