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Preschool Frequently Asked Questions

What is DAP - Developmentally Appropriate Practices?

The practice of meeting young children where they are by development stage, both as individuals and as a part of a group. Teachers help each child meet challenging and achievable learning goals.

What Are Social Skills and Why Are They Important?

Social skills include: interacting and communication with others using words, nonverbal communication (body language), manners, learning to share, wait your turn, and listen. These skills are important for school and life readiness.

Does My Family Have To Be Christian For My Child To Attend Hope?

No, we welcome all families; however, we are a Christ-centered program that shares the love and teaching of Jesus Christ throughout the day as we guide, teach, and reflect the attitude of God.

How Does Hope Lutheran Preschool Prepare My Child For Elementary school?

Hope Preschool uses hands on learning, teaching/practicing self-control, promotes independence and self-reliance skills, and age appropriate academics.


Why Is Play Important?

Play fosters creativity, imaginations, and socialization, allows children to make sense of their world, builds confidence, and provides children have 'ah-ha' moments.

What Is Theme Based Learning?

Theme based learning expands upon teaching and discovering various weekly or daily subjects such as: seasons, shapes, senses, community helpers, insects, and polar animals.

What Are Fine Motor Skills?

Working small muscle movements such as: cutting, lacing, coloring, eating, and more!

What Happens During Center Time?

Teachers use this as a time to break down in small groups to allow children to explore and express themselves.  For example, dramatic play, reading, art, blocks.  Learn more >>

What Is Jesus Time?

Jesus time is an introduction to prayer, scripture, and the love of Jesus.