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by Pastor Wayne Puls on May 29, 2024
Political divisions … foreign wars … destructive storms … local crimes … car accidents … cases of bird flu … angry protests …. and more.
Scanning the news these days can bring a person down, right?  So many hurtful, dangerous, and frightening things are happening I out there I n our world, and all too close to home, as well. It’s tempting to avoid the news media, and to just plead ignorance. After all, the news of the day can often overwhelm and discourage.
In truth, though, the “news” of today is not really anything new at all. Sin rears its ugly head in our human affairs, to be sure — exactly as it’s been doing since the days of Adam and Eve. Evil manifests itself in the events of the world around us these days — precisely as it has always done, in every era of human history. Every generation before us has struggled with the news of its own day, just as we do now.
Thank God for the good news he shares with us!  News of peace, restoration, wholeness, blessing, and salvation. News that is radically different from the world’s news. God’s good news of love for sinners, and forgiveness through faith in his Son, is otherworldly news, and exactly the news you and I need.
So be certain to keep your focus on the Lord’s news for you. Be intentional about it. Make time every day to hear God’s words and absorb his promises. Don’t hide from the world, or ignore its news stories; but keep it all in perspective by taking God’s unbelievably good news for you to heart, over and over again.
In all things, in every circumstance, in the darkest and bleakest of days, and in every news story you come across, our God is still reigning supreme. His love for you is constant. His mercy is unfailing. Isn’t that the best news of all?
In Christ,

Pastor Wayne Puls

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