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Xplore Theme Descriptions

There's always something new at Xplore! Each week campers experience new activities, games, virtual learning, and devotions.

Questions? Contact the Xplore office at    or 919-229-0196. 


    • Adventures at Sea: Week: 4/17-21, 5/8-12, 5/29-6/2 Description: Join us for an adventure! What do you think we’ll find?
    • Aloha: Week: 6/26-30 Description: Please join us for a fun filled week in Hawaii! Grab your leis!!
    • Animal Planet: Week: 6/12-16, 10/30-11/3 Descriptions: Lions, tigers, and bears…Oh my!
    • Diggin’ Nature: Week: 6/5-9 Description: What can we find in nature? Let’s see if we can grow something!
    • Easter Blessings: Week: 4/3-7 Description: Please join us for some Easter fun!
    • Fall Festival: Week: 10/23-27, 11/13-17 Description: Pumpkins, scarecrows, caramel apples and fun fall games!
    • Food Fusion: Weeks: 4/10-14, 5/1-5, 5/22-26 Description: Let’s get creative with food! Join us for a fun filled week of yumminess!
    • Gobble it Up: Week: 11/20-24 Description: Thanksgiving Week!
    • Hope’s Depot: Week: 7/31-8/4, 8/21-25, 9/11-15, 10/2-6 Description: Let’s get crafty!
    • Inventor’s Workshop: Week: 4/24-28, 5/15-19 Description: Are you an inventor? What kind of crazy creations can you make?
    • Let It Snow: Weeks: 1/3-6, 1/23-27, 2/20-24 Description: This week the kids will explore all things Snow!
    • Magically Delicious: Week: 8/7-11, 8/28-9/1, 9/18-22, 10/9-13 Description: Week full of fun, delicious food!
    • NASA Glowtastic: Weeks: 1/9-13, 1/30-2/3, 2/27-3/3, 3/20-24 Description: Please join us for a week full of space activities and games!
    • Ooey Gooey Science: Week: 11/6-10, 11/27-12/1, 12/11-15 Description:
    • Party in the USA: Week: 7/3-7 Description: Help us celebrate the birth of our great nation!
    • Rocking Around the Christmas Tree: Week: 12/18-22 Description: Rocking around the Christmas tree, Let the Christmas spirit ring!
    • Roughing in the Great Outdoors: Week: 7/17-21 Description: Campfires, s’mores, tents! Let’s have some fun in the great outdoors!
    • Slumber Party: Weeks: 1/16-20, 2/6-10, 3/6-10, 3/27-31 Description: Grab your jammies and lovies! We’re having a sleepover!
    • Patrick’s Day: Week: 3/13-17 Description: Let the leprechaun shenanigans begin!
    • Summer Sweet Shop: Week: 7/10-14 Description: Summer sweets! Let’s make some ice cream and other sweet treats!
    • Super Hero Academy: Week: 8/14/18, 9/4-8, 9/25-29, 10/16-20 Description: How many superheroes attend our camp? Let’s find out.
    • Tiny Snack Attack: Week: 6/19-23 Description: How much fun can you have with tiny food? Let’s find out.
    • Valentine’s: Week: 2/13-17 Description: Will you be my Valentine? This week will be all about love, with crafts and activities.
    • Winter Carnival: Week: 12/4-8 Description: Lots of winter-themed games for campers to enjoy!
    • Xplore the Jungle: Week: 7/24-28 Description: Welcome to the jungle! We’ve got fun and games!