Prayers Answered

by Pastor Wayne Puls on May 01, 2023

For months, we’ve been praying at Hope for God to send new church workers to our congregation. It’s a joy to now be able to celebrate how God has chosen to answer those prayers!

Associate Pastor

Seminarian Devin Murphy has been placed as Hope’s Associate Pastor. Devin (soon to be “Pastor Devin”) and his wife, Melissa, have four children (Penny, Devin Jr., Jamie, Jenny). Devin and Melissa are both from Florida, and Devin is 34 years old.

Devin graduated from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, in May 2018, and has been pursuing a doctorate degree in Biblical Studies from the seminary in the intervening years. Devin has completed his doctorate coursework, and is currently tackling his dissertation. Previously, he served his vicarage at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Jacksonville, Florida. During his years of post-graduate study, Devin has served as a tutor and adjunct instructor at the seminary, and has engaged in various pastoral ministry tasks in a nearby congregation.

As Devin’s placement at Hope was just announced, we’re still working out details regarding his arrival date, and will keep the congregation informed. The Murphy’s are very excited about coming to Hope, and we look forward to welcoming and getting to know all of them. It will be great having “Pastor Devin” and his family as part of the Hope family of faith!

DCE Intern

Margo Adamec, who graduates from Concordia University, Irvine CA this month, has been assigned as a DCE (Director of Christian Education) Intern at Hope for the 2023-24 year. Margo grew up near Houston TX. She began to feel led to serve as a professional church worker during her Confirmation years, and is eager to put her training to work here at Hope. Margo has a passion for working with children and youth, and looks forward to spending time with the young adults of Hope, as well.

Margo will begin her year at Hope July 1, and she will have a wide range of ministry experiences during her internship year. She’ll be working closely with our 6-8 grade youth group, including the Confirmation program, and spending a good amount of time with the young adult (BREW) ministry. Additionally, Margo will connect with some of Hope’s kids and youth ministry events, along with women’s ministry and other areas of congregational life.

During her internship year, Margo will not yet be a Called worker in the church; but the congregation will have opportunity to designate her for a permanent Call in early 2024, if both Margo and the congregation are in agreement about that step. More on that in eight months!

Keep Praying!

We are very thankful that God has answered our prayers, by sending Devin Murphy and Margo Adamec to Hope. Please continue to pray for these servants, and ask the Lord to continue to equip them as they finish up their studies, and as they prepare to join us in ministry here in Wake Forest. Pray for their safekeeping as they travel, and for a great start to their ministry careers in our church. God’s blessings to Devin and his family, to Margo, and to all the wonderful people of Hope Lutheran Church!

In Christ,

Pastor Wayne Puls

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